Retirement and Road Trips (Lobster Pie)

My husband was very fortunate to go to work for a company at age 18  and stay with that company for 37 years. The job was very physically challenging and included about five months of extreme heat and humidity.  We were very happy when the right opportunity came around for him to retire.

Before reality set in, we made two big road trips, which  had to include a stop in Kansas, where our daughter attended College.   One of the trips was to Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone Park.  The other was to Wells, Maine where my husband’s ex-boss allowed us to use their family vacation home.

What does retirement and road trips mean to you?   Does it mean a leisurely trip where you can stop as many times as you want and have no real agenda or time clock?  To me it does, but for my husband, it’s a whole different story.   He wants the quickest route from point A to point B.   I want back road and country towns.  He wants freeways and fast lanes.   In an attempt to find a compromise, we agreed upon freeways with me having the option to stop when and where I wanted. Here is how that went…

ME:   Oh look, there is Vineyard coming up at the next exit.  Let’s stop!

…………………………..complete silence…………………………………………

MY HUSBAND:  Did you say something?

……………10 miles down the road and way pass the Vineyard………….

ME:  There was a Vineyard about 10 miles back and you just ignored me!

MY HUSBAND:   I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.  Do you want me to turn around?

ME:  Only if you want to.

………………………………..20 miles down the road……………………………………..

MY HUSBAND:  Well we could try, but I think I saw a sign saying they are closed on Thursday’s.

ME:  What? I didn’t see a sign saying that!

MY HUSBAND:    Really?   Well, there will be another one and I promise we will stop.  (I swear, he had his fingers crossed when he said that one).

This is a scenario that repeats itself throughout the trip and on many trips.   It’s like he becomes a crazed man when he hits the freeway, gets in the fast lane and puts on the cruise control.   When we get to our destination, he is great about taking in all the sights and is quite fun.   It’s just a whole different story driving from point A to point B.

Photo of vineyard in the fast lane!

Photo of vineyard in the fast lane!

I’m still trying to get him to relax and slow down on road trips.  However, I think it’s just built into his DNA!  So for the time being, I will just be thankful for retirement and road trips, the final destination.

The Maine Diner has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  We visited the diner several times during our stay in Wells, Maine.    The Seafood Chowder, Lobster Roll and Lobster Pie were delicious.  I recently did my take on the Maine Diner’s Lobster Pie for 37 Cooks.    Check out the recipe at 37 Cooks/Linda/Lobster Pie!

37 Cooks-Lobster Pie-Vacation Destination-Linda Mire

I will be doing more stories on Retirement and Road Trips in the future!  Hope you will come back to read all about them which will include stories about Moon Pies and Black Bears.






2 thoughts on “Retirement and Road Trips (Lobster Pie)

  1. Lol!! Same with us. Mark doesn’t like stopping either. If I want to stop, I make sure to drive. I’m pretty sure he won’t throw me out the door. So funny because he acts like he’s being tortured!

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